DriveBay Mod

In my gaming computer I recently replaced the floppy
drive with a 200gig harddrive.  This left a 3.5 inch
hole in the case because I couldn't find that little metal
piece that came with the case all those years ago.  So
I decided to build something to take advantage of this
space.  A nice circuit board with 12 LEDs that flash
for no apparent reason.  The circuit was easily to
design and construct, and I only ran into a few small
errors in writting the code.  Now it is installed in my
computer using double stick tape, and works nicely.
The source code consists merely of setting the ports
to output and then just making it count.  It is quite
simple so I won't post it here, if you desperately want
to build this and need the source code you can email
me nicely and maybe I'll let you use it.

Additional Images (click for larger image)

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